Along with our Business Growth programs, we’ve also developed industry-specific consulting programs including those you see below. Assisting clients to be amongst the most profitable in their line of work is the objective of every program.

In addition, we have many bench-marking profiles to assist with implementing best-practise strategies with our clients.  This approach is what separates professional advice from “notebook and pencil” advice.

We have developed “Cheat Sheets” for the industries listed here.  Please request what you need and if you’d like a profile of your specific sector, we’ll see if we can help and send you a copy for comparison... Choose the Industry closest to your own below by clicking on the relevant image...

Trade Services

Mechanics, Electricians, Plumbers, Drain Layers, Machinery Operators, IT Services etc


Property, Insurance, Finance, Mortgage, Share Traders, Travel etc


Engineering Shops, Fabricators, Assemblers, Component Manufacturers, Kitchen Manufacturers etc


Lawyers, Accountants, Designers, Specialist Consultants, Engineers etc


Hospitality, Clothing, On-line, Appliances, Food, Pharmacy, Specialty Stores, Chains etc


Importers, Distributors, Agencies, Business to Business Merchants etc

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N.B. All Advisory Services offered by TAN are provided on a Return on Investment basis.  If there is no business case for our services, we will tell you and will not charge for any work done.