While our team can work in any industry, many of our network of advisors have specialist backgrounds. Our advisors listed below have partnerships with specific industry groups that reflect their area of expertise.

The program material for use with channel partners is usually short-term intensive programs delivered on-line rather than on-going programs delivered one-on-one. This also solves any logistics issues where clients are spread inter-state, inter-island or internationally.

If you are an industry association who are researching capability, please contact us for channel specialists to assist your members or clients.  As an example, we have specialists available for retail, hospitality, logistics, trades, brokers, franchising, financial planning and many others.  We also have advisors with backgrounds in both the banking and accounting sectors.

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N.B. All Advisory Services offered by TAN are provided on a Return on Investment basis.  If there is no business case for our services, we will tell you and will not charge for any work done.